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Shoe Uv Deodorizer Ultraviolet Sanitizers Ayaprak Ozone Sterilization Dryer 10w

Shoe Uv Deodorizer Ultraviolet Sanitizers Ayaprak Ozone Sterilization Dryer 10w

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Brand: Ayaprak

Color: Silver


  • Super ultraviolet and ozone double sterilization : ultraviolet radiation of 253.7nm light is more than 2000μW/cm²,Can kill all the athlete's foot in the shoes, foot odor, bacteria, fungi, viruses and so on.ozone from bulb spreads to all corner of the shoes cavity and causes the whole space sterilization, the sterilization rate is 99.99%!!
  • Deodorization and Dry: After the killing of various pathogens,it clears the smelly odor in shoes,in the sterilization process,The heat of the bulb reaches 65°. Whether it is the sweat in the shoes or the moist. Keep your shoes dry and sterilized.
  • Convenient button control: 60 minutes(Long press ON/OFF for 3s), 15 minutes, 30 minutes button design,Switch freely. When the setting is completed, the sterilizer will automatically turn off.
  • Long lifetime and easy replace: Bulb lifetime is 8000H, Unique designed bulb with screw socket can be replaced easily
  • Warranty : Warranty for one year, Don't worry about after sales service. 24 hours online, please feel free to contact us.

model number: A01

Part Number: A01

Details: Description Warning : Ultraviolet Sterilization can damage the human eye and skin,In use, please avoid to observe it with the naked eye or avoid to lrradiate the exposed skin directly How to use? 1.Please make sure the adapter(100-240v) connect with shoe sterilizer(red light). put Shoe sterilizer into shoes 2.There is three time settings for shoe sterilization. 15 minutes and 30 minutes, 60 minutes. When you want to sterilize your shoes, press 15 minutes or 30 minutes (Press 1s). 3.If you want to switch from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, you must first press the ON/OFF button and then press the 30 minute button again. (Working: Green light) 4.When you want to select 60 minutes, Please press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds. the red light to green is start working. (Working: Green light). 5.The shoe sterilizer is completed for all selected time work. The indicator light will turn red. UV sterilization of various shoes It can be used with all shoes. For example: leather shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, running shoes, etc. Note: It is not a shoe dryer! It is only the sterilization of the fungus and athlete's foot in the shoes. The effect is 99.99%! ! It has a significant drying effect on the sweat of the shoes. Keep using it for 30 minutes every day. Keep your feet away from itching and stench. Tips: When the shoes are UV-sterilized, cover the shoe mouth with socks. Avoid ultraviolet radiation, and also sterilize socks Package list: 1 x Shoe Sterilizer 1 x usage manual

EAN: 0714035990617

Package Dimensions: 7.7 x 6.4 x 1.9 inches

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