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Tartan Vitalis

Amethyst Aura Point with Silver Spiral Pendant & Chain

Amethyst Aura Point with Silver Spiral Pendant & Chain

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Amethyst Aura Point with Silver Spiral Pendant & Chain - The Amethyst Aura Double Terminated Point, delicately embraced within a silver spiral, emerges as a captivating pendant from The Psychic Tree—a fusion of beauty and metaphysical properties.

This enchanting piece is crafted with Amethyst Aura, a blend of amethyst, platinum, and silver, melded under high temperatures to create a crystal renowned for its versatile and harmonizing effects. Believed to foster harmony within relationships and friendships, this crystal may go beyond aesthetics to help cleanse past Karma, paving the way for renewed balance and tranquillity.

Encased within a graceful silver spiral, this pendant exudes elegance and sophistication. The included 46cm long Silver chain perfectly complements the pendant, offering an exquisite balance of style and spiritual significance.
Measuring approximately 40mm in size, each Amethyst Aura Point holds its unique form and may slightly vary from the showcased image, adding an individual touch to every piece.

Embrace the beauty and serenity of the Amethyst Aura Point with the Silver Spiral Pendant—a stunning accessory that not only adorns but also brings forth the harmonizing energies of this exceptional crystal.

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