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DRYSURE Non Electric Shoe Dryer | Portable, Reusable, Deodorizing & Quick Drying | Great for All Footwear (L-XL/UK 8-12 (EU 42-47), Black - Orange)

DRYSURE Non Electric Shoe Dryer | Portable, Reusable, Deodorizing & Quick Drying | Great for All Footwear (L-XL/UK 8-12 (EU 42-47), Black - Orange)

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Color: Black - Orange


  • NO ELECTRICITY OR BATTERIES - Dries boots and shoes without batteries, electricity or heat using a combination of our patented design and silica dioxide to adsorb the moisture from your footwear
  • QUICK DRYING AND EFFECTIVE - Proven to be 12x more effective than air-drying; Simply put them in your shoes straight away and leave them to do them to do their thing; Dries most shoes in 4 to 6 hours & soaking wet shoes overnight
  • IMPROVES THE SMELL - Drysure does not only dry your shoes it also deodorizes them so the bad foot odor in your cycling, golf or running shoes will be a thing of the past and won't come back
  • REUSABLE - Our shoe dryers will last for many years as they can easily release the moisture they have adsorbed by 1 of 3 ways; firstly by removing outer shell and placing in direct sunlight, or putting them on a warm radiator or on the middle shelf of a fan-assisted oven for 1-2 hours at 212ºF (100ºC) (Microwave is possible on medium heat for a number of short blasts)
  • MAKE YOUR SHOES LAST LONGER - Look after your shoes with Drysure. Our shoe dryers will not damage leather and other expensive materials as we do not use heat or forced air. Our dryers speed up the natural drying process and allow the material to drying safely; Drysure are perfect for use with heat-sensitive footwear & custom-molded foot beds.

model number: ACTIVE

Part Number: ACTIVE

Details: NO MORE WET FEET: After an active day on the slopes or the trail, your footwear can end up stinky, smelly, and wet. Drysure Extreme boot dryers tackle these problems easily by quickly absorbing moisture and their associated odours anywhere you are. Simply insert one Drysure Extreme Boot Dryer into each boot and leave them. Your feet will thank you. While air-drying removes only a small fraction of the moisture in your shoes, Drysure Extreme takes care of the rest. Don’t let wet boots slow you down! UNIQUE DESIGN WORKS ANYWHERE: Drysure Extreme boot and shoe dryers remove sweat and wetness from your footwear using a very low water content instead of heat. Safely encased in their patented outer-shell, the silica oxide gel absorbs moisture without electricity or batteries, making this boot dryer ultra portable and effective. Use anywhere, from base camp to the car. IMPROVES HYGIENE AND FOOTWEAR LIFESPAN: Bacteria and fungus thrive in damp footwear, including golf shoes, running shoes, ski boots, snowboard boots, and work shoes. Stop your boots from becoming breeding grounds by thoroughly drying after each use using Drysure Extreme. This shoe deodorizer and boot warmer also helps extend your footwear’s lifespan by cutting down on harmful molds. Use as a ski boot dryer to safely eliminate moisture from the deepest reaches of your boots. WORKS FOR THE LONG TERM: Using no external power source, Drysure Extreme costs nothing to operate and is easily reactivated after 10 days of moisture. Simply remove the fabric bag from its shell and place in direct sunlight or on a warm radiator. For faster reactivation, place on the middle shelf in your oven (fan assisted is best) and warm at for 1-2 hours at 100ºC (212ºF). Do not grill.

EAN: 5060634130349

Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.2 x 2.4 inches

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