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Char-Broil SMART-E Electric Barbecue Grill

Char-Broil SMART-E Electric Barbecue Grill

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Char-Broil SMART-E Electric Barbecue Grill 
Brand: Char-Broil
Color: Black
  • TRU-Infrared Technology for 50% juicier barbecued food: The core element of the patented technology is the unique emitter plate. It distributes the heat equally across the entire grill, ensuring that your barbecued food is even juicier. The efficient technology also reduces energy consumption and its special construction makes the emitter plate, grate and firebox easy to clean.

  • E-POWER for a new electric BBQ experience: The SMART-E guarantees maximum heat without the use of coal or gas. So no need to lug a gas bottle around and no ashes to dispose of either. Just an authentic BBQ experience at the touch of a button.

  • Full control with SMART PRECISION: Use the dial to adjust the SMART-E temperature between 90 °C and 370 °C more precise than ever before. Easy to control via the digital display. For the perfect BBQ experience every time.

  • AUTO CLEAN  perfect cleaning with minimal effort: Less work, more time  AUTO CLEAN makes cleaning child play. The system simply burns off the residues so all you have to do is brush down the cooking grates and your SMART-E is ready for you to use again.

  • Stainless steel grate system for hot BBQs: The two-part stainless steel grate system works to perfectly distribute and efficiently retain the heat, and create those perfect char lines. Both the grate and the emitter plate below it are extremely durable and easy to clean.

  • More storage for more possibilities: The SMART-E has a generous cupboard with an internal shelf, allowing plenty of space for accessories.

  • The space-saving solution with two foldable side shelves: Do you want plenty of space for the meat, plates, skewers and more? And do you want to save space when the BBQ isn't in use? Then you'll love the foldable side shelves for space how you need it.

  • Four castors for better mobility: Here one day, over there the next the SMART-E does a good job anywhere. It's easy to move and can be secured in place with its heavy duty castors.

Binding: DIY & Tools
Release Date: 01-10-2022
model number: 140959
Part Number: 140959

Details: An authentic BBQ experience at the touch of a button. The new SMART-E. The SMART-E is the future of the electric BBQ, offering maximum heat up to 370 °C using fully electric E-POWER  no gas or coal. Thanks to its innovative TRU-Infrared Technology, barbecued food is juicier than ever. The unique emitter plate transfers the heat so that nothing dries out and the entire stainless steel grate remains uniformly hot. Its technology also makes it more economical in terms of its energy consumption. SMART PRECISION gives you total control. Using the dial, you can set the temperature between 90°C and 370°C and control it via the digital display. Precise preheating and temperature maintenance are managed in an instant. And cleaning the SMART-E is also easier than ever. After your BBQ, start up AUTO CLEAN. Any residue will be removed from the grill by means of pyrolysis. Once done, the grill will turn itself off automatically. The side shelves of this stylish, black BBQ are foldable and, where you otherwise have to find room for a gas bottle, the SMART-E has storage space for utensils. With MADE2MATCH, you can customise how you configure your BBQ and upgrade it. And if the SMART-E needs moving, you can shift it easily from A to B on its four heavy duty castors.
EAN: 4260657724971
Package Dimensions: 31.5 x 28.0 x 19.3 inches
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