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Neurodiversity Pride Day


Neurodiversity Pride Day celebrates the unique strengths and abilities of being neurodiverse. This special day seeks to recognise, honour, and celebrate the contributions of those who identify as having neurological differences such as autism or dyslexia. It also serves to build awareness about neurodiversity and to create an inclusive space for all individuals who live with these conditions.

The celebration of Neurodiversity Pride Day began in 2015 and has since been celebrated annually by individuals, organizations, and communities across the world. It is an opportunity to honour those who are neurodiverse while also advocating for acceptance, understanding, and inclusion. The special day aims to create a space for folks with neurological differences to be their authentic selves without fear of judgement or discrimination.

Join In

There are many ways to get involved and celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day:

1) Educate yourself:

Take some time to learn about neurodiversity and its implications on the lives of those affected by it. Read articles, watch documentaries, or attend webinars or events hosted by organizations that support the cause.

2) Reach out to those around you:

Show your support for neurodiversity by talking about it openly and sharing resources. If you know someone who identifies as having neurological differences, take time to learn more about them and their experience.

3) Participate in events:

There are Neurodiversity Pride Day events held all over the world. Attend one of these events and show your support for neurodiversity.

4) Show your pride:

Whether you’re a parent, friend, or ally, join in the celebration by wearing blue and green (the colours of Neurodiversity Pride Day), using the hashtag #NDPrideDay on social media, or displaying signs/banners of support.


Neurodiversity Pride Day is a unique celebration that honours and celebrates the many contributions of those who are neurodiverse. It’s an opportunity to come together and create an inclusive, understanding environment where everyone can be their authentic selves without fear of judgement or discrimination. Join us in celebrating Neurodiversity Pride Day this year! Let’s support neurodiversity and work together to create a more inclusive world.

Whatever you do, have a great Neurodiversity Pride Day!

All the best!


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